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Hiking at Dixon Park in Escondido, CA

Hiking at Dixon Park in Escondido, CA


Cultural Background

My name is Ginna Ma, I was born in Cartagena, Colombia and have lived in the United States since I was 12 years old, thus developing English and Spanish as a native tongue.

Professional Background

My background is in office administration and human resources in the manufacturing field. I have worked with small and large businesses, and in each job and industry, my Spanish skills have been an asset. I started out as a receptionist, and my experience and responsibilities expanded over time serving as an Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Assistant/Generalist, to Office Manager. I eventually branched out to focus on translation full-time and became self-employed.

Thanks to my work in the industrial and manufacturing fields I learned about safety measures, their necessities, as well as zero waste, and the importance of productivity for these industries. Most importantly, I realized that if all employees did not understand these rules and policies, productivity and safety would be at risk. With management approval, I took on the responsibility of translating every communication for existing and new employees, as well as ensuring that all our meetings and training became bilingual. During this time employee morale and engagement increased, turnover decreased, and we began to attract more applicants.

Dixon Lake in Escondido, CA

Dixon Lake in Escondido, CA

Ginna Ma

Ginna Ma


 Translation Experience

In 2005 I started a side freelance business, Giraldo Translating Services, where I focused on small translation projects. Some of these include the translation of a Christian book, business letters, documents, marketing material, website content. I also engaged in volunteer work at my local church as a simultaneous interpreter during services.

In 2010 I branched out and became a full-time translator. Since then I have been an Independent Government Contractor working as a Translator/Language Analyst. As such, contracts are annually reviewed and renewed based on competency and proficiency.

Testing involved:

To become a translator for the government, a translator must pass the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) proficiency test which consists of a battery of test focused on writing, speaking, listening, and reading for translation performance.

"An individual’s translation performance level depends on:

  1. command of two languages,

  2. ability to exercise congruity judgment and apply a translation methodology,

  3. familiarity with the cultural context of both languages,

  4. knowledge of terminology in specialized fields, and

  5. ability to finalize the product within time constraints and according to specifications."

In 2015 my family relocated from Virginia to California where my existing government contract has allowed me to continue to serve not just locally but nationwide.

Context in Translation

In 2016, Context in Translation was born. After working exclusively as a translator with the government, I decided to diversify my workload and extend my services again to the private field. Some of my recent projects include employee manuals for manufacturing companies, a Christian book, a book on military and politics, articles, and more.

I may be the heart of Context in Translation, but it does not mean I work alone. To deliver quality work, I team up with trusted translators who do the proofreading and final edits. The second pair of eyes is always recommended to ensure nothing gets missed.

Also, thanks to my network of professional and trusted translators I can help you achieve your multilingual projects. I may only focus on Spanish and English, but I have many colleagues who service different language pairs and specializations.

Our first logo.

Our first logo.



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English to Spanish certification

Spanish to English certification