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Translation: Buying a non-commodity
"Translation is not a commodity.
If it were, it would be enough to say: “You need a translation? Go out and ask several translation service providers how much they charge per word and choose the lowest gure.” End of story.
But it’s not like that. For example, you’ll obviously need to specify which language you want your text translated into (e.g. French or German
or Japanese).
And just as color and price
are not the only factors in buying a car, you’ll want to consider other criteria here, too."
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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Multilingual Content Creation

In this day and age, many companies need to go global in order to continue to grow. Communication and reaching out to potential customers in different countries is no longer that difficult thanks to the Internet. But, going global is not that simple.

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The ABCs of Translation: Words that translators throw at you and what they mean

What do all those terms that translators throw at you mean?

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