I have known Ms. Ma for many years. She continues to exemplify true professionalism in whatever she undertakes, with integrity and excellence. Her work in translating my book was not only reasonable; it was done with every attention to detail to makes sure it was not simply a word for word translation but a capturing of the spirit of what was being communicated. Ms. Ma was a pleasure to work with, and I will use her again once my next book is completed.
— Robert Sales, Founder & CEO at Sonraised Enterprises, Inc.

I have had the pleasure to work with Ginna Ma in several translation projects. She is not only a delightful person but a true professional committed to providing quality work and outstanding customer service.

I look forward to working with Ginna again in future translation projects.
— Ana Gutierrez, Professional Conference Interpreter and Translator

I have known Ginna since 2009, but it was only recently that we started working together more often. She’s been an invaluable resource when it comes to both short and long-term projects, including a variety of subjects, such as business, government matters, and entertainment. She has also taken the initiative to learn more about subtitling so that she could collaborate with us on short clips and episodes that our clients needed translated into Spanish. She is reliable, friendly, and keeps in constant contact in order to follow up on any questions we may have.
— Rafa Lombardino, President & CEO at Word Awareness, Inc.

Ginna was an excellent resource to provide written translations of technical and operational training materials and company-wide benefits manuals. Her accuracy, responsiveness, and professionalism were unparalleled.
— Moira Klos, Vice President Talent at WPS Health Insurance